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Imatek owns a group of companies in Australia, Hong Kong and China for global manufacture and supply of high integrity product utilising innovative technologies.

Imatek also provides consulting services to businesses with an international focus on emerging and niche markets that offer significant growth potential, supplying product and developing new and proprietary products for a variety of industry sectors.

We actively pursue new business opportunities by a combination of direct investment, equity as a result of time and effort, licensing opportunities, advisory and management participation to suit the clients’ needs.

Our principals and consultants have operated at Director, CEO, General Management and specialist level with experience across a wide variety of industry sectors in public and private companies.

We welcome contact from entrepreneurs and inventors needing structured pathways to commercialisation or from existing business owners seeking growth, diversification or exit strategies.
Commercialisation Toolkit
• Manufacturing licenses
• Trade names
• Exclusivity agreements
• Equity arrangements
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Innovation (examples)
• Infrared & PCB
• Encapsulated RFID moulding
• PDLC switchable film/ glass
• Biological filter media
• Medical sharps containers
• Sports filtered drink caps
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